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Eurokat - the best solution in marketing consulting for companies.

We specialize in organizing all of the marketing measures that aim into support and development of companies.

Our goal is to establish contacts with potential recipients, manufacturers, contractors or investors. Thanks to our close collaboration with the chains we enable our customers to establish and maintain cooperation with the retail chains. As a company dedicated to the sales force outsourcing, we analyze the needs of our customers by adapting to their business goals and creating a sales structure.

Knowledge and experience

Our creativity, mobility and 20 years of experience in cooperation on the modern market guarantee you the implementation and sale of the FMCG and pharmacy products.

The design solutions are always tailored to the demanding customer needs. Innovative solutions and high quality service are our motto, while professionalism, vast knowledge, experience and keeping deadlines are used in the realization of our objectives.

We guarantee


how establish cooperation with the retail chains Professional presentation of the development plan of your company or product

marketing consultancy for companies Reliable, proven and financially stable clients

sales force outsourcing Comprehensive support of the formal and legal aspects

profesional cooperation with retail chains Storage and transport services, transport and freight forwarder

how establish cooperation with the retail chains Professional warehouses in central Poland

marketing consultancy for companies Our R & D department develops a product and formulation of new products.


Eurokat specializes in marketing consultancy for companies and organizing all marketing activities aimed at the more dynamic development of our customers' businesses.


Our qualified and experienced team has extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge. We help clients initiate and maintain cooperation with retail chains, to establish contacts with potential recipents, manufacturers, subcontractors or investors who will guarantee an increase in your income.

sales force outsourcing


Eurokat combines extensive knowledge of specialists of many branches. The experience on which we rely, includes, among others: cooperation with retail chains and the implementation of broadly understood sales and marketing activities and PR.

We offer our customers market analysis in which they act or in which they want to act. On the basis of these analyzes, we present marketing plan and a range of solutions, which enable the effective implementation of the product on the market and its effective sale. We offer unique and modern solutions of marketing consultancy for companies and sales force outsourcing, as a result of proven and checked solutions:

  • Associating companies
  • Implementation of contracts for new, reliable companies
  • Development of the product on the basis of knowledge and product distribution strategy
  • Advertising and product information.


Consultancy and consulting are inherent elements in the chain of each marketing activity. We are actively negotiating contracts and conditions for cooperation in the chains, together with our customers or on their behalf.

We also offer professional warehouses, distribution and exclusive sale of goods in Poland. We assist in the development of new product projects in graphic design, visualization, developing recipes, testing. We guarantee merchandising support . We are enabling customers to use the best marketing solutions in business, resulting in the most tangible benefits by offering:

  • Consulting on product support
  • Finding and evaluating market opportunities, leading to meet the needs of specific recipents (buyers) and the accurate determination of these needs
  • Preparation of an appropriate price strategy promotion
how establish cooperation with the retail chains

What is special about us

Experience, efficiency and guarantees in introducing companies and products on the market are synonyms of the effectiveness of our actions.

With our competences, which have been gained over the years, the list of references concerning our cooperation with customers in various fields of activity is growing. We cooperate with the best logistics companies. We offer cooperation with companies such as: Lidl, Biedronka, Netto, Piotr i Paweł, Maspex, Hortex, Excellence S.A, Żabka, Polo Market, Mila, Carrefour, Eurocash, Tesco, Makro, Vitax, Auchan, Stokrotka, Cechini, E.Leclerc , RIHA, Modus Merchandising, Döhler, Herbapol, Eko WILD, Bakoma, Biofix, Lekam, Novascon, Valeant, Fitness Authority, Starpharma, Master Pharm, Effert, Muszynianka, CEDC.

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